Who am I?

Who am I?

Hello. My name is JinHyoung Kim.

I am ....

a software engineer who has been coding for a quite long time

a husband & a father who has an adorable family

a coffee lover who enjoys making any type of coffee for myself, family and friends

a camper who loves a family camping and a portage with friends

a (home) gym-goer who likes (trying) doing workout regularly

a fan of doing skiing & snowboarding in winter and running in summer

a Korean-Canadian who leaves in Vaughan, Ontario

So, What this blog is for?

Even though I started my first job as a web developer and made lots of web sites/applications, ironically I haven't had my own website so far and always wanted to have the website that has my name on domain. That is why I launched this website.

Through this blog, I would like to share my past & current experiences with various topics. Hopefully any information found in here can be helpful and useful to someone else.